"Runway shows are where I get to play with color and be a little more creative..." ~ Designer Deedee Vicory



Ever wanted to see what designers do for fun... well runway shows may not be all fun and games but the results certainly are! Here you can see the history of larger runway shows that Deedee Vicory and D'Lola Couture have been a part of...

Pictures from Westord's "White Out 2013" fashion show (above) and from Red Ball 2012 (below).



"I like two things on a runway... to make a statement... and to have a BIG dress!" ~ Designer Deedee Vicory



ABOVE is a slide show from the Red Ball 2012 Runway show that D'Lola Couture opened with 6 great red looks. Working with Studio: a Collective of Stylists out of Denver, Colorado for the second straight year the combination of exotic hair, makeup and overwhelming dresses is more than you could ask for from a runway show!


BELOW are two videos. One is from Red Ball 2012, which includes a behind the scenes look at what it takes to prepare for a runway show like this one. The other video is from Colorado Fashion Week 2011 in which designer Deedee Vicory put down over 20 wedding dresses, including... yes... a very big dress at the end!


ABOVE Colorado Fashion Week 2011 :: This show from D'Lola Couture was put to a "Black Swan" theme as the models showcased the couture wedding gowns. Many people wonder "why the black eyes?"... now you know...

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